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Spacer Bars

Spacer Bars

Standard Aluminium Spacer Bars

  • HF Welding.
  • It was produced with most minumum toleration in it’s sector.
  • It has most ideal and unchanging height in the world Standard.
  • Surface holes are indicated and designed meticulously for special applications and surface of the Spacer Bars clean and bright.
  • Have a necessary chemical adhesion perfomance on insulating glass production.

Bendable Aluminium Spacer Bars

  • Unique product consistency.
  • Higher productivity on production.
  • Maximum production rate and minimum loss.
  • Better and permanent machine possibility.
  • 90 degree corner turn.
  • Faultless appearance on curved production.
  • Unique smoothness.
  • Clean and bright surface.
  • Confirmed permanent chemical adhesion performance.
  • Have a standard hole sizes.
  • Standard height and excellent cut.

Butylized Aluminium Spacer Bars

  • Laying on Butyl double sides of the Spacer bars and to be closed by butyl paper in order to provide convenience to insulating glass manufacturer.
  • Produced desired sizes.
  • Butyl is laying on the Spacer Bars right and left sides cleanly.
  • Adhesion property is maximum to glass when protection paper is removed.
  • Provides minimum cost and maximum speed in insulating glass production