Who Are We

Your Solution Partner at Qualified Glass Production

Since 2002 Our company has started to produce insulating glass production materials and sales together with glass corks manufacturing facilities. Our company which doesnt compromise on understanding of quality and to make up a principle customer satisfaction to itself, with demands of the customers direction turned it's way more manufacturing. Our company Which follows the technology closely and renew the existing technology permanently in production and closely monitoring the changes in the industry.

Since 2008 Our company has started to produce chemical manufacturing as hotmelt and butyl based on insulating glass. Brought away export dependence of factories which manufacture well qualified glass. Our company is the solution partner of manufacturers which manufacture well qualified glass in direction of customer satisfaction, quality and service.

Our Company which always renew diversity of products, used in double glass manufacturing is the wanted supplier by glass companies which manufactures well qualified glass. Within the range of products, production technology, machinery investments and production capacity represent major strenght and mission in the sector.

Barış ERGeneral Manager